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Different weather, different game

David Knapp

15 August 2022

One of the reasons we love golf is that every course, hole & shot is different. It’s also one of the reasons golf is so hard! The same chip-shot is very different on wet ground compared to the firm ground we’ll get in our lovely summer weather, so it looks like we’ve got some adjusting to do!


Club selection

As soon as you pull out a high-lofted wedge, you’re inviting more potential issues into the shot. If there aren’t any obstacles (sand, water, mounds, etc.) to clear, know that a 7 or 8-iron bump & run is a much safer option; just getting that ball rolling towards your target as soon as you can gives you much more control and reduces the amount of things that can go wrong.


You don’t need to generate power for this shot, so there’s no need for a wide stance or gripping the top of the club. As the image shows, you’ll want to get your hands forward and maintain this through the shot. Let’s also try to avoid getting ‘wristy’ and simply let your swing do the work.

Landing spot

When the ground is wet, you might be able to just aim for the hole. If you’re lucky enough to be playing in the sunshine, you’ll want to be thinking: how far will the ball roll after landing? What direction will it move in? Just like reading a putt, and we all know how easy that is (haha, yeah right!).

If you’ve ever read one of our articles or watched a YouTube video and tried to head straight out on the course, you’ll know that doesn’t work too well! To put all this into practice, be sure you click below and book yourself a coaching session with us. We’ll be happy to help!

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