Wilson Staff DX2 Soft Optix Golf Ball

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How has Wilson Staff made the world's softest golf ball even better for 2018? By making it available in a range of colours, of course.

This low compression, two-piece ball will fly further on a higher flight to give you powerful distance along with a noticeably soft feel. It also boasts a new softer and thinner cover to provide optimum distance and durability, which is available in several Matte finishes

Key features and benefits:

  • 29 compression for soft feel through your bag
  • Two-piece construction
  • Less long game spin for more distance from larger rubber-rich core
  • Ionomer cover is thinner than previous DX2 to also aid distance
  • Dimples generate high-lift and low drag for higher and longer carries

It can really benefit your game to use one ball for the whole season, so come and try out this great option from Wilson Staff, which offers great performance at an impressive price.

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