Wilson Staff 8802 Putter

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This classic blade has been relaunched as part of Wilson’s 100-year anniversary. Its elegant, heel-shafted design may be timeless, but the Centenary version features a little 21st-century engineering to add some currency to its illustrious history.

The 8802 was designed by Arnold Palmer in the early 1960s, and popularised by Ben Crenshaw - still golf's greatest ever putter for many - in the 1970s and 80s. But the art of this beautiful blade was rather blinded by the science of Anser's heel-toe weighting and face-balancing. It's great then to see the 8802 back and faithful to the original, although the old shiny face has been replaced by some double-milling to produce a flawlessly flat face. Otherwise, 8802;

  • Delivers great feel, thanks to the grade of steel from which it's milled.
  • Is fitted with the smooth and relatively thin Lamkin 3GEN Pistol grip, designed to boost feedback.
  • Completes its sleek look with a stepless shaft.